Dear and loving Father,
as I rest here in your bosom in the silence,
I feel your own Heart beating in my breast.
In my human Heart, so frail, so tiny,
the fullness of our divinity abides…

At every moment, loving Father,
I welcome the gift of your love,
resting in the act of acceptance,
this acceptance which lies at the core of my being,
for I am in truth but the gift of your love,
the beloved Son in communion with the Father.

Yes, this mystery I have lived for all eternity,
and now I live it in the midst of humanity,
myself a man with them in every way.
Ah, for thirty years I have lived this,
docile as the Son before your love,
welcoming each moment from your hands,
and loving each and every person
as I myself am loved, Father, by you.

At first I awoke to consciousness
by looking into the smile of her, my mother,
and in this moment of recognition,
I smiled back to her with simple joy.
Yes, and in this moment of recognition,
I knew also who I AM.

Never for a moment did I not know this.
From the first instant that I awoke to my “I,”
I was responding to the “You” of the other,
of my mother, so tender and so sweet,
through whom, and yet beyond whom,
I knew the deeper “You” who sustains all thing,
and before whom I abide unceasingly:
the You whom you are, Father, for me.

For in awakening to consciousness
in the midst of this fallen world
I awoke to your eternal Love, my Father,
shining on the face of my mother,
and yet also present, even more intimately,
in the depths of my inmost Heart,
and cradling and sustaining me on every side.

In my loving incarnation, and life in this world,
I have simply transferred, my loving Father,
the eternal experience of my Sonship
into the limits of time and space in creation…
and yet in this very outpouring
also expands created reality infinitely.

For this is the trait of our eternity,
and the infinity of our Being, which is Love:
it surpasses even the greatest expanses
and yet can be contained in the littlest of things…
as I was sheltered in Mary’s womb
and then held, a tiny infant, in her arms.

Ah, yes, heavenly Father, my Beloved,
as I repose always against your bosom
and drink from the fullness of your Love,
so as a little one I drank from my mother
who poured out for me her own being.
And as I grew I loved her too, giving myself,
reciprocating to her—and to you—
the gift of love that I so freely received.
Here is an image of the Trinity, so radiant,
transposed by your will into human flesh.

As a little child and a young man
I was cared for by my human parents,
sheltered by a mother’s tenderness
and taught and protected by a father’s love.

But I also felt in my heart, already,
the knowledge that many go without this lovw,
and experience woundedness due to sin,
thirsting for a love they don’t receive,
and not knowing how to give themselves away.

Ah, Father, I came for precisely this purpose!
For what do I gain from becoming man?
I have, already, everything in your eternal embrace!
I have come for their sake,
to restore to them the original experience
which, because of sin, they have lost:
so that they may experience Love enfolding,
Love cradling and sheltering them on every side;
so that they may know themselves loved by you,
most tender, sweet, and loving Father,
and abandon themselves in childlike simplicity.

And yet in this very needlessness of my Love,
which is perfect already in the Trinity,
dear Father, have we not chosen
to let our Love overflow its bounds,
in a superabundant plenitude?
Ah, yes, and in such a profound way
that our very Being-as-Love,
this abundant and radiant self-communication,
becomes a begging thirst before the creature.

And I do, Father, I do deeply thirst for them,
each so unique, so precious in our eyes.

That they may become, and be, children again,
those who open themselves to accept the gift,
the overflowing of our Being in pure love:
this is why I have come, incarnate in the world.

Yes, that they may experience filial receptivity,
and the childlike dependency which is true freedom,
that they may know that they are encompassed
by the Truth which envelops and sustains—
a Truth which is identical with Love,
with the tenderness that is ours, eternally,
as Father, Spirit, and Son perfectly united,
and taking them to live, and rest, in Us.

Yes, my Father, I come that they may be children,
and that as children they may blossom in love.
For I am, and have made myself, the Bridegroom,
thirsting for the love and acceptance of the bride.
I yearn to unite my beloved intimately to myself,
and to carry her, in my tender, loving arms,
into your own bosom where I always rest.