Burn gently,
little flame.
Lit from the Furnace of eternal Love,
kindled from the warmth
which you touch in this Bread of Life,
inflamed by the sparks
which touch you in the sanctuary of the heart.
Enfolded in the Word
which is all aflame with love and joy.

Burn gently,
in this fire so intimate, so pure,
that you can no longer feel it,
cannot see, cannot touch.
It penetrates so deeply to the core
that it imprints itself upon the heart,
beyond the reach of your senses, your mind;
and yet it overflows here too
to transform and illumine these.
Yet the light of this fire
is so deep in you,
that it often hides in the darkness.
The warmth of this love
is so far within,
that it leaves the exterior exposed to chill.

Do not worry, little child.
Simply abide,
and a deeper light will begin to shine;
remain still in hope and longing,
and you will discover the warmth
of a deeper joy.
It surges up from deep within,
it inundates all you are, so delicate.

This mystery is like a woman
bearing a child in her womb.
All her energy is directed here,
such that she is cold
so that all warmth may enfold the child.
And yet from her womb she feels,
radiating out, a deeper warmth,
the warmth of love, intimacy.

So too, bear this mystery within—
shelter, revere, adore,
my eternal Son, begotten in your flesh;
allow him to be in you still,
a child, a spouse, an image of my perfect love.
And let him shine,
through the transparency of pure and clear glass
—which is the poverty of your loving heart—
upon each and all.

The poverty of empty hands,
littleness, dependency, need—
you see, child? This is all that I require,
in order to reflect in you the light of eternal Love.
A candle burning without ceasing
in the presence of the Holy One
—silent, still.
A sanctuary lamp,
witness to Emmanuel,

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