My God, my God, I thank you for this…
I see my being flowing from you ceaselessly,
a pure irradiation of your very life,
an outpouring of your fullness of Love.
I am—yes, I see it reflected in your eyes—
I am beautiful and precious in your eyes,
so immensely lovable in my own unique beauty,
which is precisely what you have given to me.

Ah, how good you are, my God!
I welcome this gift flowing into me,
this gift that I myself am…
and yet in this gift I sense the very Giver
communicating himself in what he gives.
You have given me myself, heavenly Father,
and in this gift I see the mark of your Beauty,
which cradles me ceaselessly in a beauty my own.

And what do I do, then, my loving God,
but give back to you the gift that I have received?
My very self I surrender to you anew in love.

Ah, yes, little one, how I love you!
And how I yearn that you simply welcome,
welcome with all that you are, my gift,
and that you give yourself to me in return,
loving me, child, as you have been loved.
In this way I can unite you to myself,
making you one with me in a single embrace.

And yet, my child…and yet there is something else too.
I want you to manifest in the world
the relationship that is mine with you,
by loving this creation that I have given,
and uniting it to your self-offering to me.

In this way all can progress through time to eternity,
and the space of material creation can be drawn,
through your love and your fidelity, your filial spirit,
into the innermost space of the Trinitarian embrace.

Adam, Adam…I also want to give you “another,”
who is like yourself, to love uniquely
more than any other creature:
to belong to her and her to you, in love,
in a mutual self-giving like that which endures
between my Son and I in the bond of our Spirit.

Yes, my loving Father, I sense it.
From this place of my solitary intimacy with you,
this very wellspring of your eternal Love
surging deep within me…I look out,
and I rejoice in this rich and varied world you have made.

I want you, my beloved, to live in it,
radiant with my beauty and my love.
Yes, abide in union with me, my love,
and take this creation up into yourself
—in your contemplation, your joy, your understanding,
and in all of your playfulness and activity—
and bear it, thus, back into my inmost heart.

Only in you, my child, can it return back to me,
for I have made its destiny dependent on yours
—for, after all, I made it for you…

Thank you, Father, for this gift too,
not only for my own self
—suspended on your Love at every moment,
sustained by your gaze and your abiding presence—
but also for this creation, which manifest you to me,
and in which, in turn, I can manifest you externally.

But, Father, you mentioned “another,”
one like me, whom I do not yet see.
I notice that, in this world, I am alone,
for though I have you, there is no brother, no sister,
with whom I can share this life that is yours.

Of course, you are enough, in the Son and the Spirit,
but I sense in my heart this other movement,
implanted in me, I am sure, by you,
that makes me open for this other,
like me, to be here and to share my life.

You are right, my child,
for I implanted this awareness in you too.
I have made you for relationship with myself,
for immersion in the heart of our Trinitarian embrace,
but I have also made you for human communion,
for a “horizontal” union to complement the “vertical,”
so as to incarnate it beautifully within creation,
and thus to impel creation anew back into Us.

Yes, Father, but where shall I find this person?

She shall come forth from you, from your side,
from the place of your own inner heart…
so that you will know always to love her
as bound inseparably to you, your equal.
Yes, so that, in her creation from your side
I may manifest in a creaturely image
the procession of the Son eternally from me.

Father directed to the Son:
And, Adam will not understand now,
but also to foreshadow the birth of another
from the side of my beloved Son,
in whose image he has been made.

Yes, my Father, this is a movement still to come
for those we make upon the earth,
but I rejoice already at its future unfolding
(that is, future for them…because for Us all is present!).

Ah…but how much is to pass until then!
And We, Father, Spirit, and I,
will bear so much the effects of it, in love,
in the depths of our loving compassion,
—in the com-passibility of our impassible substance—
until we resolve it through our own love
and the transforming power of our presence.

Father addressing Adam:
Come, child, let me put you to sleep.

And now, to bring forth from your side
the one who is meant for you, and you for her,
yet both of you together, meant ultimately for Us…

Adam awakes:
Ah, Father! Ah, woman!
This at last is bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh…
I see that she receives me as the Son receives you,
and I welcome her in turn, as you welcome the Son.
The unity between us is a sign of the Spirit.

Yes, and it will endure, children,
only through the Spirit’s abiding presence.

Remain faithful, beloved ones,
to the gift that you have received,
to your childhood before God,
and to your love for and union with one another…

Ah, how could—why would—I turn away?
I see in this man’s eyes a look of such love…
and yet, when I turn my gaze beyond him,
I sense a gaze yet deeper, infinite, eternal.

To be loved, and to love in return,
this is all that I want, forevermore,
abiding in the intimacy that blossoms
as the flower of this mutual gift.
And letting the beauty of this union
pour forth its light and its grace
throughout this world, in co-creation,
drawing all, at last, back to you.