Ineffable touch of the Divine Beauty,
reaching out your gentle hand into the inner heart
and impressing your seal upon the soul—
you come to us through letting yourself be seen
in the many rays of your light refracting within creation:

In the ravishing colors of the setting sun,
in the innocent smile of a little child;
in the beauty of the human body, made for communion,
in the revelation of the heart glistening through the eyes;
in the harmony of music, tugging of the longing heart-strings,
in the voice of one who is loved, a sound bringing joy and hope.

And yet, and yet, Divine Beauty, these are only glimpses
of the unspeakable, ungraspable depth of who you are in yourself.
Source and Consummation of all that is good, all that is true,
you are the deepest longing of every human heart:

The Beauty that we glimpse in every beauty,
the Goodness that we seek in all that is good,
the Truth bestowing reality to all that is true,
the Love that we long for in every love.

Ah, but there is a deeper encounter yet than this.
Not only do our eyes look incessantly to discover you,
but you come to us and meet our longing gaze.
Yes, Divine Beauty, you are the Beautiful One
whose eyes of love are ever gazing, unceasingly,
trying to meet the glance of your beautiful one…
your beautiful one, infinitely precious, who I am.

You come, you come, ineffable Beauty, infinite Sweetness,
inviting me through each and every thing,
unveiling a glimpse of your majesty and mystery—
and yet above all seeking to catch my gaze
so that, through a deep mutual beholding,
you may pour forth into me the immensity of your Love.

Ah, Divine Beauty, God of infinite Love looking upon me!
You are the Source of all beauty and its only Resting-place!
Draw me then, Beautiful One, who have made me beautiful
by bestowing upon me your own Beauty.
Draw me to be immersed in you,
in the immensity of your own all-enfolding Embrace.

Yes, may my beauty repose within your Beauty
and your Beauty irradiate me entirely, through and through,
shining forth in every fiber of my being, my heart, my life…
for I have been created for union with your Beauty
in the most unspeakably profound intimacy of love:

In an ecstasy of eternal communication between beauty and Beauty,
in which I am cradled within the arms of your Beautiful Love,
and you live in me, your home of beauty in my heart…
all beauty contained within this bond of love, unbreakable.