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1. I Am a Gift From Another
2. In the Bosom of the Father
3. The Mystery of the Church: Mary, John, and Peter
4. Mary: Child, Spouse, and Mother
5. The Spirit of Mary: Belovedness Overflowing
6. The Gaze of Love
7. The Marriage Union of the Cross
8. The Consummation of Union

Handout for classes 9 and 10:

9. All-Enfolding Playfulness and Repose
10. The Hearth of Love and Mercy

Handout for classes 11 and 13:

11. Cradled in the Silence of Love

Handout for class 12:

12. Within the Sacrament of My Flesh

Handouts for class 13:

13. Within the Sinews of His Heart
14. Mary and the Heartbeat of the Church

Handout for class 15:

15. The Intimacy For Which We Thirst