On this page, you can find the complete collection of audio recordings from classes and meditations given by Joshua Elzner, in order from newest to oldest.

Reflections on the Song of Songs (2019-2020)

Words to a Suffering Church (Fall 2019)

John Paul II’s “Meditation on Givenness” (Summer 2019)

Complete Text of the Meditation

Spiritual Friendship (Summer 2018)

Loving Christ with the Heart of Mary (Spring 2018)

Church: Home of Communion (Fall 2018)

The Gospel of John: Part II (Spring 2019)

The Gospel of John: Part I (Fall 2018)

The Science of the Saints (Spring 2018)

Christian Prayer and Spirituality (Fall 2017)

Cradled in the Arms of Love: Retreat Meditations (Summer 2017)

Individual Talks