Dawnbringer is a series of novels set in the world of Ierendal, upon the small continent of Telmerion, cold and rugged and yet inhabited since the beginning of human history by the first family of humankind. Though the setting is high fantasy — a work of co-creative imagination fashioning a mythical world with its own history and geography — the plot and the ins-and-outs of the world are deeply realistic, portraying as it were an ancient and long-forgotten past of our own world. Or more precisely, what is offered here is a mythical exposition of the true past that we all share — with very little magic or other fantasy tropes, but with a great deal of “magic,” in other words, a world filled with wonders and terrors of all kinds, from the ancient guardians of the world, the Anaion, to vicious and deadly beasts such as dragons, eoten, and druadach. The characters find themselves caught in the cosmic battle between light and darkness, between the weakness of love and the power of hate, which casts its rays and its shadows also into the heart of every man and woman. The journey marked out before their feet calls for integrity, fidelity, and heroism, and also something even more, something that lies at the heart of every good adventure and every life, and which is the very measure of man.


Complete Audio Drama