From this immense Fullness that we share,
my dear Son and my precious Spirit,
is it not good that we create another:
to be the irradiation of our inner Light, our Gift overflowing,
to share in the very Gift and Communion that is ours?

In our Union, our Three-in-One eternal embrace,
there is nothing, nothing lacking, my Father,
in the Circle of our Love’s Self-giving
and the Communion that we forever share.

Yes, Love, Love is its own end,
Intimacy itself its own radiant Fruit…
And yet the fullness of such Intimacy,
a flaming Furnace of eternal Joy,
emits both warmth and light eternally.

Therefore, Father, what you say is good.
It is so beautiful and so true,
and I desire it just as you…

For to emit this inner Light externally
in the creation of “another” to stand before us,
and yet only in order to take her, again,
into us, in intimate and enduring union…
this is something for which I yearn.

As I am eternally begotten of you, Father,
so let this creature flow forth in such a likeness
that reflects my own flowing-forth from you.
Of course, hers will only be a creaturely participation
in what is mine eternally and in divine fullness.

But in her will be reflected the mystery of our Love,
for the Gift which we are eternally,
surging beyond the floodgates of divinity,
will be her very Origin and Sustaining-Force,
the very Being in which her being participates.

The Love that holds her in existence
will be the very streaming-forth of our Life,
and she will share in it in pure relationship,
in a dependency which sustains her very nature,
a nature which is open inherently to the fullness
which blossoms only in the communion of grace.

Let it be, this pouring forth, this Gift,
an overflow of Fullness in fullness;
let her welcome this gift,
and, in trust and love, reciprocate it.

Three Together:
So it is, so it is…
the creation pours forth from our abundance:
the whole richness of the world is made,
shining with the beauty of our Beauty,
the goodness of our pure Goodness,
and the truth that is our Truth.
Yes, for created being is nothing but our Love
poured out in the mode of created participation.

And this creation is fashioned by our Love
above all in order to be a space of love
for the persons, each unique, unrepeatable,
who will be able, consciously and freely,
to recognize, accept, and reciprocate our gift.

We make them in order to be child of the Father
and spouse of the beloved Son, freely loved,
and to be filled and transfigured by the Spirit.
This movement of outpouring, irradiating them,
will fill their being with the fullness of the gift,
with the certainty of being known and loved,
so that thus they may abandon to us anew
in a spirit of childlike playfulness and joy.

And such filial receptivity, such spousal welcoming,
allows them also to conceive our Life anew
and to bring it forth more deeply in their lives
and to communicate it to others, brothers and sisters, too.

In this way they will reflect and share in our own Life,
this Life of Love and complete mutual Self-giving—
this Life in which Communion is the beginning and the end,
and Intimacy in Love the source of all true, abiding fruit,
which flows forth within this union, and not without,
conceiving, sharing, and begetting, communicating life,
only so that all may flow back again into the fullness of Communion.

Ah! Yes! How beautiful you are, beloved one…
Little child, born from the heart of our Threefold Love,
from the overflowing abundance of our Intimacy.
We give you all, the fullness of our Life and Love,
and we invite you only, in your dependence, to affirm freedom
—to be free precisely by affirming your dependence.

If you affirm your dependence, beloved child,
then you will be free, as we are free,
in our ceaseless and eternal Communion with one another,
in relationship that is our very happiness and delight.
We yearn for you to share in this, beautiful one,
for you are beautiful with the beauty that we have given,
and yet a beauty that, while our gift, also draws us to you
with the longing of the love-wounded heart.

Ah, how we thirst for you, tiny little creature,
from the infinity of our Love that is so sensitive
that you littleness wounds and draws our Heart!
Yes, the immensity of our Being pours itself out
eternally and without ceasing in our very inner Life.
But it communicates itself, too, in every moment
and in every created thing that there is,
—symbol and sacrament of our abiding Presence—
reaching out to unite us to you, and you to us,
if only you will welcome and accept,
and enter into communication with our Love.

Being, Being flows forth freely,
like an immense waterfall, cascading,
from the fullness of the Godhead.
It pours itself out, act of free generosity,
and crystallizes in the uniqueness of each creature:
in angelic choirs singing in harmony
an endless song of adoration of Love;
a hierarchy of pure spirits, each unlike the others,
and yet all bound together in a single love
such that the hymn of praise among them
is but the blossoming expression of their intimacy,
radiant with the presence of Triune Love,
with sweetness of the eternal Lover
in which each is beloved, and lover too.

This immensity flows forth, too,
in the richness of the visible creation:
the dimensions of the divinity
manifest in the materiality of the world.
The space which is without external space,
the simple space of encounter and beholding,
flows forth in the space of external extension,
from galaxy to galaxy, star to star,
from sun to moon and moon to earth,
from sky to land with the ceaseless interchange
of water and air in between,
in an atmospheric dance of communication.

And the distance without any distance,
the distance which is simple mutual affirmation
—in which Father loves Son, and Son Father,
and both together love the Spirit of their love—
this flows forth into the distance of space and time.
The fullness of eternity, dynamic movement without change,
an eternal Now in which all abundance dwells,
becomes manifest in the growth and change
that is proper to temporality, time’s endless movement.

And living things flow forth from the Living One,
the beating of their hearts but an echo of his own,
and their motion but a secondary movement
set in motion by the Love that moves all things,
and yet in moving does not impose or control.
Yes, for all being is a gift of Being,
Love poured out in the mode of total donation:
and if a gift is true and total
then it cannot be taken back.
What is gives becomes the other’s,
and the response it seeks is simply gratitude
and the joyful movement of reciprocity.

This is why the movement of visible creation,
in the plenitude of beings radiating light,
reaches its climax in the creation of the person:
in man raised from the earth and filled with breath,
the very breath of God breathed into his lungs.
He is made in the image of his Maker,
a beloved and a lover as God is Love.