The perfection of prayer consists in spontaneity:

the babbling of a child in the presence of the Father,

and silent resting on his lap, secure, warm, and sweet,

and carefree playfulness in the beauty of the world he gave,

and crying out to him in pain and sorrow and fear,

and every other movement there may be,

without eyes turned to ideals and expectations,

without gauging oneself against one standard or another,

without criticizing, analyzing, or praising the self,

but simply being in his presence, ceaselessly, and always,

such that every moment is one unbroken communication,

one abiding living-together, breathing in and breathing-out,

dance of love and togetherness, of stillness and movement,

of silence and of song, listening and of speaking.


This is what it means to pray, for each of us, unique,

and yet one single mystery of loving relationship

in which we all share, as one Body, one Bride, one family,

in the sweet spontaneity and carefree abandonment

of the love shared eternally in your very own life, God,

in that holy dance of mutual presence, of listening and speaking,

of simple joyful being together, of wholehearted unity,

between the Father, Son, and Spirit, eternity without end.