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A collection of writings shared online over the previous years, a taste of the more extensive writing shared in print.

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A large collection of audio recordings from classes and talks unfolding the mysteries of the faith.


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“Faced with a divided world which is in search of unity, we must proclaim with joy and firm faith that God is communion, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, unity in distinction, and that he calls all people to share in that same Trinitarian communion. We must proclaim that this communion is the magnificent plan of God the Father; that Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Lord, is the heart of this communion, and that the Holy Spirit works ceaselessly to create communion and to restore it when it is broken. We must proclaim that the Church is the sign and instrument of the communion willed by God, begun in time and destined for completion in the fullness of the Kingdom”.

John Paul II quoting the Synod of Bishops, in ‘Ecclesia in America,” n. 33

These words on communion express the essence and the heart of Christianity, of the good news given to us from our heavenly Father, in Christ and the Holy Spirit, and perpetuated in the Church which Christ founded to mediate his presence and closeness to humanity until the end of time. This essence is the revelation of the mystery of the Father and his love, and indeed of the inner life of God as Love–as a Trinity of Persons in everlasting intimacy–who have created and redeemed each one of us, in boundless compassion and tender generosity, to participate in the undying joy of their own intimate life.

The contents of this website all seek to unfold and elucidate the inestimable richness of this mystery, and to make it in some way more tangible, more visible to us in the context of the contemporary world and in our own most personal experience of life and relationship. There is a lot of material here, which has accumulated over the years, so let me give a little “compass” to help you understand what to expect, and where to find it:

There are four primary forms of sharing contained here: 1) the written word published in books, 2) the written word shared in digital form on this website, 3) audio recordings of classes I have previously taught on various dimensions of human and Christian life; and finally 4) art, specifically interactive fiction, music, beautiful hand-woven baskets of a friend, as well as some reflections on art, culture, and evangelization. These correspond with the four tabs on the main menu above:

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You can also support me in my own life and creative activity through Patreon, if you so desire, through the fourth link. I pray that my humble words and creative efforts may help you to encounter the breathtaking beauty of our God and to see, love, and reverence the whole created universe with his own gaze of love, which you experience turned upon you, uniquely, for your own sake, affirming you in your unrepeatable beauty and identity a God’s beloved.


Joshua Elzner


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