Purity is not a possession,

but the beauty of non-possession,

empty and open hands to receive and give



Intimacy with reality, heart to heart,

nothing mediating, obscuring,

or offering fading securities:

the simple contact of



For years we seek to cling to something,

some kind of achievement or success,

or a “self-definition” to offer a sense of safety,

of our place in the world, our role,

but such a definition, such security, lies not here,

in such things, so secondary,

but in nothing else but the gaze of



I am who I am as I stand before you,


as I abide in the poverty of the present moment,



Oh sweet dependency of destitution!

to be nothing, to have nothing,

but the joy of belovedness, being your child,

your precious one, seen, known, and



Without this, nothing is secure,

with this, all is at rest.

For this alone, in the end, will endure,

the naked contact of my heart with yours,

and of all hearts with one another,

in this sacred, vulnerable space of


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

and all persons held in you.