The true spirit of the Gospel is lightheartedness,

humor welling up from the deep springs within,

and overflowing in the radiant smile of the face,

the glow in the eyes, and echoing laughter.


For how can I truly laugh like this, how can I sing,

how can I rejoice and play so freely, and so deeply,

—with authentic joy, and not the facade painted on the face—

unless I know that I am infinitely loved by the perfect Father,

and in his embrace cradled, cherished, and cared for?


Indeed, the beloved heart comes to know

that not only am I held by the Father’s enfolding love,

but the whole world itself, through thick and thin,

is in the arms of perfect goodness, a goodness that,

already, has redeemed and saved the world,

even if all the kinks are still being worked out.


What, ultimately, have I to do then,

but to open my eyes and my heart

and to witness the beautiful work unfolding before me?


What have I to do but to let myself be swept up

into this radiant romance and sweet symphony

that surges like a current of humor-filled hilarity

and sober lightheartedness, singing like a child:


this Love that flows forth from the inner heart of God

and drenches the world in his peaceful presence,

even as it gathers up all the world, heals it,

and carries it back to God anew, there to find rest

in the light of his face, his radiant smile,

and to share in the delight of his laugh, his joy,

for all eternity without end, in reciprocal jubilation.