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The Gospel of John was born from the heart of “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” this disciple who rested against the breast of Jesus at the Last Supper, listening to His heartbeat, and, through Him, to the heartbeat of the heavenly Father. It is from this place of intimacy, resting in the shelter of Love, that John is able, of all the Apostles, to remain close to Jesus even through His Passion, abiding at the foot of His Cross with Mary and receiving in faith the signs of the Resurrection. This Gospel is therefore unique, and of a particular depth, because John speaks from his direct and very intimate contact with the Heart of Jesus…this Heart aflame with the joy of the Father and ardent in love and compassion for humanity. In this class we will be reading and meditating on the words of the Gospel together, trying ourselves to feel and hear, through the words and the testimony of John, the heartbeat of the Father and the Son, which they share in the intimacy of their life of love.

(To skip the personal introductions in the first class, begin at 12:00 minutes.)

Handouts for the Class:

Gospel of John Introduction and Syllabus