What have you done, my loving God?
You have drawn me into the solitude, the silence,
to immerse myself into the Heart of your Son,
who is the Beloved of my life, and my All…
And yet precisely in this place of silent communion
—vulnerable before the vulnerable Heart of Christ,
my flesh surrendered to the flesh given for me on the Cross
and made one flesh with him in tender love—
in this place you have opened me to encounter, reverence, and receive
your precious and beloved children,
uniquely and unspeakably beautiful, each,
and to be united to them in a blessed intimacy
which is deeper, closer, and more profound
than I could have ever hoped.

When I ask myself why this is so
I understand immediately:
since it is intimacy alone which gives all things meaning,
and you have drawn me into the sacred space
of the Heart of your Son, open in Cross and Resurrection,
so I may make direct contact, in faith and hope,
with the throbbing heartbeat of all Love,
with the wellspring of all communion,
with the very summit of intimacy,
in the fullness of your radiant, undivided Light,
and may thus serve this same mystery in others,
with every beat of my heart, every moment of my life…
until we are all carried, as one,
into the consummation of everlasting intimacy
in your own eternal embrace, Father, Spirit, and Son.