True intimacy is the most vulnerable of all things, and yet it is also the most important of all things…indeed, it is the mystery that alone gives meaning to all else, since it is the inner form of reality, the very essence of all being. For all things exist as the exhalation of the Trinity, and they exist in order to be taken up fully into the eternal respiration of the inner life of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And who is God, who is the Trinity, but eternal Intimacy? Who is God but the ceaseless dance of Lover and Beloved united together in the single Kiss, the single Breath, of their undivided Love?

True intimacy is the most vulnerable of all things, and yet it is also the most important of all things… It is continually threatened, on the one hand, by the fallen tendencies toward use and possession and power that have twisted the human heart and infiltrated our relationships with one another; but it is also threatened, on the other hand, by the paradigm of fear which, in the name of putting up safeguards against the first threat, actually uses power in but another way by forcing distance between hearts and treating them as non-persons; by putting the institutional over the personal, doing over being, the abstract over the singular, immediate “safety” over the inner beauty of the embrace which, because it is so sacred, can only be fully known and understood from within, even as it pours forth light and beauty for all.

The most important thing is to remain faithful to the gift entrusted to us, which is indeed simply the universal truth, a truth which, despite its being so central, its being the true heartbeat of the Gospel and of Christian life, is also the thing most often forgotten or suffocated out, even within the life of the Church.

How beautifully things continue to coalesce and simplify in radiant harmony…in the awareness of how we are simply called to allow you to open up, in us and through us, homes of true intimacy, houses of authentic affirmation, in which the deepest longings of the human heart are fulfilled in being seen, known, loved, and desired, and in experiencing the embrace, the kiss, the breath of a total, complete, and everlasting intimacy.