My little one, my beloved…
I know that you are tired,
worn by this thirst burning in you
for a love that you fear you will never find,
or that, once found, will leave you when you need it most.

My Heart aches, my precious one,
to see this ache in you;
my Heart is sorrowful, my joy,
to see you so sorrowful.
And I want to be your Joy and Delight!

You do not need to be different for me to love you.
If you only knew how unspeakably beautiful,
how ravishingly beautiful you are in my eyes!
You see in yourself sin, brokenness, shame, and fear…
but I, my beloved, I see the deeper truth.

What I see in you, my precious one,
draws my Heart to you,
attracting me to you…to unite you to myself.
Do not fear! I yearn for you!
Ah, yes…I thirst for you, beloved,
as you thirst for me…and more.

I want these two thirst to meet, to encounter,
and to be united together in a shared gaze of love:
as my thirst for you
gives you the love for which you thirst,
and your joy in knowing yourself to be loved
gives drink to me.

Ah, dear one…for me you are the only one!
You are ashamed to show yourself, afraid to be seen,
but this is all I want: to be allowed to love you,
to look upon you and reveal to you the beauty that I see.
Yes, I want to set this beauty free by my gaze,
that it may blossom fully, no longer constricted by fear.

For my desire, beloved, my desire
—the reason for which I made you,
and for which I stretched my arms upon the Cross—
is to unite you to myself in closest intimacy…
to hold you forever in my tender Heart,
in the cradling arms of my perfect Love,
as we, Lover and beloved,
are made one in an everlasting embrace.