Introduction: The Garden of the Word


1:1-17. “My Beloved!”

1:1.a. “The Book of Genesis”

1:1.b. “The Son of Abraham”

1:1.c. “The Son of David”

1:16. “Man is a Eucharist”

1:18. “Coming-Together with the Spirit”

1:19. “Standing Before the Mystery”

1:20. “The Reality of Entrustment”

1:21-23.a. “Wonder Before the Mystery Unveiled”

1:21-23.b. “Liberated and Unified in Love”

1:21-23.c. “The Wonder of Prophecy Fulfilled”

1:21-23.d. “The Spirit Rests Upon Him”

1:21-23.e. “His Work is Always One”

1:24-25.a. “The Faith of a Righteous Man”

1:24-25.b. “Discernment: Vision of the Heart”

1:24-25.c. “The Intersection of Play, Work, and Prayer”

1:24-25.d. “In the End, All is Gift”


2:1-2. “God’s Universal Salvation”

2:3-6. “From You, O Bethlehem”

2:7-12.a. “The Joy Born of Faith”

2:7-12.b. “Stars in the Firmament”

2:7-12.c. “The Wealth of the Nations”

2:13-15.a “The Expectation of the Messiah”

2:13-15.b. “All Held Within the One”

2:13-15.c. “At the Convergence of All Things”

2:16-18.a. “The Victorious Weakness of Love”

2:16-18.b. “I Meet You Where You Need Me the Most”

2:16-18.c. “I Will Lead You Home Rejoicing”

2:19-23.a. “The Two Josephs”

2:19-23.b. “From Fear to Faith to the Joy of Intimacy”

2:19-23.c. “The Fullness of Filial Faith”

2:19-23.d. “Finding Nazareth”


3:1-6.a “The Voice in the Wilderness”

3:1-6.b. “The Friend of the Bridegroom”