Aldous Huxley said, “After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” I have been devoting many hours to the effort to create music than can do precisely this: be a humble service to the inexpressible beauty of reality flowing from God’s hands, and above all to his inexpressible Word himself, who contains all meaning of both sound and silence, movement and stillness, playfulness and sobriety, action and repose. This is a goal that I feel I have not yet attained, and which I trust I shall ever be striving toward, yet I hope that the songs that I now share can provide some space for you to hear, rest, and rejoice in the voice of beauty and love that permeates all things.

This album, Dawnbringer 1: A Song for Niraniel, is clearly a companion-piece to my most recently released novel, the first part of the Dawnbringer series, and it aims to unfold and illustrate in musical form what I have sought to express in words and story, and in the images, feelings, and realities that they invoke in the human spirit. But since the language of music is unique and inexpressible, the music can also stand on its own and speak a word in its own right, as well as leading deeper, like inroads into a mysterious territory, into the heart of the myth that I am trying to allow to be born into this world in the most transparent way that I can. You can find the entire album available for viewing on youtube via the provided link below. You can also purchase it for download from my publishing site (link also provided). I hope that you enjoy!

And for purchasing the album:

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I know that your heart yearns, little one, to create something beautiful, a testament of love, a reflection, in the dimness of this world, of the radiant beauty of my own eternal light. I know the longing within to give birth without, the desire to create, sharing in eternal creativity. I want you to know, beloved, and to feel that the greatest masterpiece which I desire for you is the unspeakable beauty which is you yourself. You, the one whom I infinitely love, are the icon, transparent to my shining glory, enfolded in my grace, a blaze of fiery light bursting through the eyes, a figure whose countenance, whose heart, whose life is a reflection of the life, the heart, the face which is my own.