In the previous months I have thoroughly revised two of my earlier published books–namely “At the Heart of the Gospel” and “Loving in the Light of Eternity.” With the exception of a few chapters, these are mainly subtle but substantial changes of emphasis, nuance, and deeper exposition rather than any radical rewriting. “Loving” was completed in January and “At the Heart” just in the last couple weeks. If you have ordered one of these before such revisions, or never had either book in your possession, I offer the revised versions now. I will be making an order this coming Friday (the 26th) of copies of both books for our stock, but would like an idea of how much to order. If you hope to get one, a preorder would help me know how many we will need in stock, while also not overstocking. Feel free to order either book from the normal shop page on this website, and it will help me to know what to order, just be aware that the said book will take longer to come in since it is not currently in stock.

Thank you all for your support, and I pray that God may continue to reveal his tender and abundant love to you ever more deeply and intimately!

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I know that your heart yearns, little one, to create something beautiful, a testament of love, a reflection, in the dimness of this world, of the radiant beauty of my own eternal light. I know the longing within to give birth without, the desire to create, sharing in eternal creativity. I want you to know, beloved, and to feel that the greatest masterpiece which I desire for you is the unspeakable beauty which is you yourself. You, the one whom I infinitely love, are the icon, transparent to my shining glory, enfolded in my grace, a blaze of fiery light bursting through the eyes, a figure whose countenance, whose heart, whose life is a reflection of the life, the heart, the face which is my own.