Little Flowers for God: Complete Collection


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This book is the complete, unabridged collection of my reflections in the form of “free-form” poetry, which were written between the years 2016-2022. They are the most personal expression of my own prayer and contemplation during these years, and still an abiding witness, not only to the incredible goodness and love of our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – in my own life, but I hope also a revelation of his closeness and care for each one of his precious and beloved children. For me they are precious because they have expressed, as well as limited words can, the mystery burning at the heart of my own existence, which has ravished me and drawn me so deeply since my adolescence. But I believe that this mystery is one, meant for each one of us, though we all participate in it – in the love and intimacy of God – in the unique and incomparable drama of our own life unfolding before him. My hope and prayer in sharing these reflections and prayers, something so intimate born in the solitude between myself and God, is simply that they may be a small catalyst for you to encounter him and to know his love, to let your heart be pierced with the arrow of his beauty and drawn to him, drawn to him in ardent longing and tender love, throughout this life unto the consummation that awaits in eternity.