The Triptych: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith


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Herein are collected three different works that, unique in their content and nature, nonetheless complement one another in creating a single image: a triptych like the three-paneled works of art often found above altars, serving to nourish the minds, hearts, and prayer of believers. By gathering these books together here, I have humbly tried to offer a little triptych of words, seeking to illustrate the central realities of our human existence bathed in the light of God’s grace, and to draw us to the center-point where all fulfillment is found in the everlasting embrace of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The books included are:
Sheltered Within Her Heart: 33 Days to Deeper Entrustment to Mary
Responding to the Thirst of God: 40 Days to the Heart of Love
Icon of the Father: 33 Days to Entrustment to Saint Joseph