A Song for Ristfand (Dawnbringer Vol. 2)


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Following on the events of the first volume, the catalyst of which now becomes a consuming conflagration, the War of Darkness begins in earnest. And in the shadow of the forces here revealed, the tension of the civil war and the threat of the power-hungry Empire pales almost into insignificance. Light and darkness are laid bare in their true nature, though one is frail and faltering, weak and vulnerable, while the other appears all but invincible and uncontainable. But they lie hidden in every heart. Thus suspicions and fears arise even among those who stand to fight the encroaching forces; but so, too, capacities for love and heroism are also stirred into flame in the most humble and hidden hearts, summoning them forth to answer the desperate cries of a civilization on the brink of chaos, conflict, and even collapse.

Set on the continent of Telmerion in the world of Ierendal, a cold nordic land that is also the cradle of culture and of human civilization, Dawnbringer present a mythic story of epic proportions both in the scope of narrative and world-building and also the intimate details unfolding in the heart of each protagonist whom we accompany on this journey. In the tradition of the fantasy novels—often called faerie stories—by authors such as Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald, and yet marking out a unique path, the Dawnbringer series seeks to make a lasting contribution to the “enduring” stories that shape human hearts and culture, born of abiding conviction in the power of myth and the beauty of story.