A Song for Niraniel (Dawnbringer Vol. 1)


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When Eldarien returns to his homeland after many years away—burdened by the awareness that he has perpetrated great evil at the hands of an Empire whose knight he has become—he encounters a continent riven by strife and war and threatened by creatures even more horrifying, born of the very darkness itself. He wishes to lay aside the sword, to leave behind a past marked with violence and bloodshed, but he also longs to aid his people against the forces that endanger their very existence. Yet such a path he cannot walk alone, facing obstacles both within and without, and in this first volume the stage is set: in which friends and companions are found, and an enemy encountered who is far more dangerous than could have ever been imagined.

Set on the continent of Telmerion in the world of Ierendal, a cold nordic land that is also the cradle of culture and civilization, Dawnbringer present a mythic story of epic proportions both in the scope of narrative and world-building and also the intimate details unfolding in the heart of each protagonist whom we accompany on this journey. In the tradition of the fantasy novels—often called faerie stories—by authors such as Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald, and yet marking out a unique path, the Dawnbringer series seeks to make a lasting contribution to the “enduring” stories that shape human hearts and culture, born of abiding conviction in the power of myth and the beauty of story.