A Song for Eldaru (Dawnbringer Vol. 3)


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Bearing questions in their hearts, the five companions continue their journey with pain and sorrow behind them and hope ahead of them. But with every passing day the land of Telmerion continues to spiral into chaos and strife. They seek answers, answers ancient and forgotten, in the only place that they know to look, but will these answers be enough to confront the ever more tangible darkness and otherworldly violence that descends upon their people? Or shall the secrets that are revealed prove to be a greater burden even than the questions? Or rather shall they truly be a light in darkness, a hope in despair, that can carry and lead them even when they return anew to the conflict to which their hearts are inexorably being drawn, even unto the final confrontation in which the fate of their world shall be decided?

Set on the continent of Telmerion in the world of Ierendal, a cold nordic land that is also the cradle of culture and of human civilization, Dawnbringer presents a mythic story of epic proportions both in the scope of narrative and world-building and also the intimate details unfolding in the heart of each protagonist whom we accompany on this journey. In the tradition of the fantasy novels—often called faerie stories—by authors such as Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald, and yet marking out a unique path, the Dawnbringer series seeks to make a lasting contribution to the “enduring” stories that shape human hearts and culture, born of abiding conviction in the power of myth and the beauty of story.