I am happy to share with you a new album that has been added to our Bandcamp website – Home for the Word. Joshua and I hope to continue to fill this page with beautiful music that speaks of the Word of God and the mysteries of our faith. We pray that it is a gift to you as a little word of God’s love!

Album Description: It is within the Lord’s trustworthy and steadfast love that we find freedom to dwell in security as we are held by him whose love is both strong and tender. Amidst joys and sorrows, clarity and confusion, love and fear, God’s truth and love remain as an anchor onto which we can take hold and within which we are safeguarded. This album contains both songs of playfullness and simplicity as well as songs of longing and pain; expressing in a wide-range of experiences the truth of God’s steadfast love. Each song has been paired with a verse or two from the Psalms for your prayer and contemplation. I pray it is a gift to you and a word of his love!

You can purchase the album at Steadfast Love | Catherine Guilbeau | Joshua Elzner and Catherine Guilbeau (bandcamp.com)

Many blessings in Christ!

Catherine Guilbeau

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I know that your heart yearns, little one, to create something beautiful, a testament of love, a reflection, in the dimness of this world, of the radiant beauty of my own eternal light. I know the longing within to give birth without, the desire to create, sharing in eternal creativity. I want you to know, beloved, and to feel that the greatest masterpiece which I desire for you is the unspeakable beauty which is you yourself. You, the one whom I infinitely love, are the icon, transparent to my shining glory, enfolded in my grace, a blaze of fiery light bursting through the eyes, a figure whose countenance, whose heart, whose life is a reflection of the life, the heart, the face which is my own.